The Hit Songs of Perfect Harmony

Finding the perfect songs for Perfect Harmony was no easy matter. Initially, the focus was on making sure the songs and lyrics would resonate for each character. But night after night audience members would share how the songs resonated to them: a special dance at the prom, their wedding favorite, or that memorable number they’ve sung at show choir. And that’s what great pop hits are – the shared soundtrack of our lives.

Agatha Christie Novels Adapted for the Stage

Nearly all of Agatha Christie’s mysteries have a life outside of their existence as books.  The dramatic potential of many of her crime stories are well known by the Queen of Crime herself and by other playwrights.  While some of Christie’s plays are based on short stories or original ideas, over the course of her career, Christie dramatized several of her own novels for the stage. 

The In-Betweenness

Octavio Solis, born in El Paso, Texas, to two Mexican immigrants, is quintessentially American — except he isn’t. Solis explores the “in-betweenness” of his Mexican-American identity and its impact on his storytelling.